When are your properties open? / Do you rent in the winter?

We do not rent properties in the winter as our houses are not winterized. The tourist season on Monhegan is Memorial Day-Indigenous People’s Day, and that’s when we’re open.

When do you take bookings? 

Contact us at any time and we’ll let you know how things stand. We give longstanding tenants priority, and many of the homeowners also use their houses in the summer. We start confirming bookings once the property owners have given us their calendars (this usually happens between November-January). The best way to guarantee a spot is to get in touch with us early and keep in contact!

How do I book?

Email us at brackettrentals@gmail.com! Please note that we do not do phone calls. This is because we have no central office, there is no Brackett Rentals dedicated phone. Emailing makes communication quick, clear and efficient and allows all members of our team to assist you wherever they are. You can also message us through Facebook if you have found our page (@Brackett Rentals Monhegan). But email is faster.

There is no direct booking option on this website.

Emails about booking are checked daily throughout the year. You can expect a response within 24 hours. (For on-island tenants trying to get in touch, see below)

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept checks only, as we do not have a credit card machine.

Do you only rent by the week? / Can I come on a day other than Saturday?

Most of our properties only rent weekly, Sat-Sat, except for Jenney Cottage, Baldwin House and Flying Bridge, which rent Sun-Sun. Some places rent for a 3 night minimum…this will be noted on the listing, or ask us!

Are pets allowed? Are children allowed? 

Depends on the property… check the online listing or ask us. Dogs cannot be left alone in the cottage. Please note you must pick up after your dog on Monhegan… no matter where you are: trail, town or the front yard! 

Do you provide linens?/ Can I do laundry?

We do not provide linens or personal towels at our properties, please bring your own. There is a laundromat, All Washed Up, located in the center of town behind the Black Duck Emporium (more info below).

Is the kitchen fully equipped? / What do I need to bring?

All kitchens are fully equipped, check the listing or ask us if you have any specific questions. There is a grocery store, Monhegan Store, in the center of town that can fill all your grocery needs!

What do you need for a deposit?

For one week rentals (and any rentals less than one week), we require the full amount. For rentals of more than week, half the full amount is required. You must be paid in full prior to arrival. Please let us know if you require a payment plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within two months of your arrival date, you will receive a full refund. After that, we can only refund if your space is filled. We do not refund for late arrival/early departure, no exceptions! In the case of weather events we will, however, make every effort to adjust your reservation so you can stay your full time. Please note that weather can be fickle on the island, especially if you are coming in the spring or fall. Confirm with your boatline about your crossing if a storm is expected. If your travel is complicated, you may wish to purchase trip insurance.

What is a security deposit? Why is it necessary?

We hope you’ll be good tenants but accidents happen! The security deposit covers damage to the property, and it also covers cleaning should you leave the property less than desirable. They must be paid prior to arrival, by a check separate from your balance. We will refund them upon inspection of the property at check-out. Or, we will use them to pay for a cleaner and refund you the balance.


On island: 

How do I get in touch with you?

Please refer to your Welcome Packet email to find the number for our Rental Assistant, Jon. Texting is best. We ask that you understand we are not a hotel, and we don’t have a front desk. Renting a house on Monhegan is a self-catering, independent experience. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Booking/non emergency questions will be responded to by Mia via email and you will get a response within 24 hrs.

Where do I check-in?

We don’t do central check-ins! You will receive directions to your house in the Welcome Packet prior to your arrival. You can go there by 4pm.

How do I get to my house? / How do I get my luggage to my house?

Monhegan Trucking meets the boat, just give them the name of your house and they will bring your bags up for a fee. You don’t need to contact them in advance. As to trucking your luggage for your departure, please discuss with Monhegan Trucking directly. Refer to the Welcome Packet for directions to your house.

What is check-in and check-out time? / Can I be early/late? 

Our check-in time is 4pm and our checkout time is 10 am. We abide by those times to ensure adequate hours for cleaning. However, you are always welcome to leave your packed luggage on your porch so you don’t have to carry it around with you!

Can I smoke on the property? 

No, all our properties are non-smoking. Monhegan has a high fire potential, please smoke only in the village.

How do I handle trash?

Trash pickup is included in the rental. Please sort trash and place in bins outside your house. Directions for trash sorting can be found at each property, please ask us if you have any questions. Please clean recyclables or they cannot be recycled!! Trash removal on the island is a bit more complicated than inshore, we appreciate your cooperation. $20 will be deducted from your security deposit for trash that is not sorted properly. 

Is there Wifi? / Where can I get online? 

Some of our properties include Wifi, check the listing or ask us. There are no open Wifi hotspots on island. If you need to get online, you can take out a membership at the Library ($20) and get their Wifi code. Please note that Wifi is extremely fickle on island. It does not have high bandwidth, and goes out a lot. It’s a good idea to give a heads up to anyone who might be trying to reach you while on island. 2024 NOTE: Broadband should be coming to the island this year. More updates as it gets closer to the summer.

Is there cell service? 

It depends on what carrier you have, but it is generally spotty on the island. US Cellular seems to work well. Let us know your needs and we can advise you.

Why is there an occupancy limit? /Can I have visitors? 

All of our houses have strict occupancy limits because of fragile septic systems and water conservation. It is important that you adhere to them in order to keep the house in good working order.

Can I do laundry? 

Some houses have washing machines, check the listing or ask us. There is a laundromat in the center of town called All Washed Up. It is located behind the Black Duck Emporium.

What is your cleaning policy? / I don’t want to clean, can I hire a cleaner?

We expect that you will clean the house thoroughly upon departure, and there is a cleaning checklist posted in each property. If you would like, we can hire you a cleaner, if you inquire in advance and not on the day you leave! To guarantee that a cleaner will be available, please request this service during booking. We will inspect each property after checkout and will base the refund of your security deposit on the condition we find it in. Cleaning supplies are in the house. If you need more, contact Jon, our Rental Assistant.

What about COVID?

As of right now, there are no special policies regarding COVID, but we will keep our tenants updated if anything changes.

There are no medical facilities on island. Please be aware of this as you make your travel plans. 


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