Welcome to Brackett Rentals on Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan Island, a place to hike the 17 miles of interwoven trails. A place to paint; professionally or as a student of one of the many classes taught here. A place to hear the quiet, explore the shipwreck or simply pick up seaglass from Fish Beach. A place to interact with others who come here to a time when life slows down. A place where George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, James Fitzgerald and many others came here to paint. A place where you can find your soul while the crashing surf washes away all sounds of the outside world. Come and enjoy, a place where life is simple.

Brackett's Oar HouseCarina Apartment Daniel Stevens CottageThe DollhouseFair Hill CottageHalcyon Holdfast HouseThe Influence Kendall ApartmentThe Schoolteacher’s HouseThe Shumaker StudioSwim Beach House Tam CottageThe Vaughan HouseThe Walker-Bright Cottage
Brackett's Oar House
Carina Apartment
Daniel Stevens Cottage
The Dollhouse
Fair Hill Cottage
Holdfast House
The Influence
Kendall Apartment
The Schoolteacher’s House
The Shumaker Studio
Swim Beach House
Tam Cottage
The Vaughan House
The Walker-Bright Cottage
The Stanley Apartment
The Log Cabin
The Jenney Cottage

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